Carolinas First Defense NC Concealed Carry Class Guarantee

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2014 to Firearms Classes
Carolinas First Defense is not only your premiere mobile firearms training company that provides first-class training, we also provide an exclusive service that no one else offers. With everyone who takes our Concealed Carry Handgun Class (CCW), or Concealed Carry Handgun Refresher Class and remains on our email list to receive legal updates, we guarantee that if you utilize your handgun to protect yourself or your family, you did not break any laws, and it is deemed a lawful use of self-defense, Carolinas First Defense will assist your legal team at no cost to you in the state of North Carolina.

NC CCW Class

Posted by Jesse on 4/26/2014 to Firearms Classes
NC CCW Class
We will have a NC Concealed Carry Class on 5/03/2014 at Maples Lake in Kings Mountain. Class starts at 8am and will finish by 5pm. Price for class is $80 and includes lunch. We also have weapons, & equipment available to rent if needed. Carolinas First Defense is proud to say that as of this month we have trained over 2,500 people and look forward to training many more!!!