Wilcox RAPTAR Lite ES Class1 Infrared Laser

Wilcox RAPTAR Lite ES Class1 Infrared Laser

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The RAPTAR Lite ES mounts to MIL-STD-1913 RIS/RAS and STANAG-4694 rails.  An included rail interface allows it to be attached to standard Picatinny Rail via a low-profile adapter.  The adapter slides onto the host rail and secures via four set screws.  The RAPTAR Lite ES then screws onto the adapter from the top.  It can otherwise be attached directly to any rail with a threaded STANAG-4694 hole.

The controls for the RAPTAR Lite ES are a bit unconventional, but easy to learn.  The output intensity of each module can be programmed, changed, and saved to memory in the unit, allowing individual users to customize their laser system for their mission.  This is especially nice for those who regularly engage closer targets and do not want the constant bloom often associated IR laser impacts on targets.  A relatively straight-forward LED interface on the back of the unit allows users to scroll through a variety of menus to make adjustments.  Naturally, the intensity of the back-lit LED can be adjusted as well so as not to give away the user’s position.  We suggest programming the laser outputs to your liking before going out into the field and becoming familiar with the menu options for making adjustments (or at least keeping the quick reference cards with you).

The Wilcox RAPTAR Lite ES is an exciting entry into the Class1 IR Laser market.  It provides users with a combination of tools and abilities not offered by any other product in its class.  Another unique feature is that the RAPTAR series has been designed form the ground up to be completely repairable.  Other lasers on the market usually require them to be scrapped and replaced if damaged in the field.

RAPTAR Light ,ES (Lusterless Brown) only, no longer available in black.

Wilcox Raptar Lite Product Guide Wilcox Raptar Lite Product Guide

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