When Modifying, Please Take Note

Posted by Administrator on 9/5/2014 to Products

Guns are great, this we know, but over time we tend to want to make certain changes to them. Now this has lead to some utterly brilliant stuff that people have made. In many cases these guns can turn into a work of art and appear like something from the future. Then there are cases in which we have seen a good gun look like something out of a horror film. In many cases these modifying horror stories start off well intended but due to cost cutting measures and a lack of skill they quickly go wrong. When you are modifying, be sure to keep in mind some of these notes when attempting anything.


Hydro dipping will last longer and look better than straight painting a gun, but it can be very costly, so many opt for this method to cover their guns. When you go to paint a gun you should definitely strip the gun down into the individual components, seal the barrel, and hang the parts up in the air. The hanging will allow for better paint movement and distribution. Also, make sure the paint will work on both metal and the rubber that your gun may have in it.

Rail Instillation

When you are installing a rail system on to a gun that has no rail to use, you should make sure that you are following the instructions. In some cases you will get instructions with the rail system, if you don't get any, find some because if you haven't done this before you shouldn't make it up as you go.

Body Modifying

You see, many people like to mess around with the frame, be it a weld or a cut. In some cases it can look good, but in most cases it looks really bad. Unless you are skilled with a saw, then go for it, otherwise have a pro do this for you.

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