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The RAPTAR is a fully-integrated package for the Warfighter and Law Enforcement Professional.  It contains a Class IIIb Infrared Laser Pointer, Visible Laser Pointer, Variable Focus IR Illuminator, and IR Laser Range Finder.  All functions are controlled via on-board buttons or remote pressure switch.  Also, all lasers and illuminators are slaved together for easy zeroing!

The RAPTAR mounts to MIL-STD-1913 RIS/RAS and STANAG-4694 rails.  An included rail interface allows it to be attached to standard Picatinny Rail via a low-profile adapter.  The adapter slides onto the host rail and secures via four set screws.  The RAPTAR Lite ES then screws onto the adapter from the top.  It can otherwise be attached directly to any rail with a threaded STANAG-4694 hole.

Obviously, the RAPTAR is packed full of features and functions, but the real gem is the Infrared Laser Range Finder.  For the first time ever, operators have the ability to accurately range their targets for improved hit probability under night vision goggles.  Anyone with NVG experience knows that accurate range estimation is one of the hardest skills to master under goggles.  But, with the RAPTAR, you can quickly and easily get an accurate range reading using the infrared laser to point out your target.  The range is displayed in either yards or meters on the rear LED screen, quickly informing the user where they need to adjust fire.  This function adds considerable cost to the RAPTAR over other weapon-mounted IR laser modules’ price tag, but its benefits are priceless.

The controls for the RAPTAR are a bit unconventional, but easy to learn.  The output intensity of each module can be programmed, changed, and saved to memory in the unit, allowing individual users to customize their laser system for their mission.  This is especially nice for those who regularly engage closer targets and do not want the constant bloom often associated IR laser impacts on targets.  A relatively straight-forward LED interface on the back of the unit allows users to scroll through a variety of menus to make adjustments.  Naturally, the intensity of the back-lit LED can be adjusted as well so as not to give away the user’s position.  We suggest programming the laser outputs to your liking before going out into the field and becoming familiar with the menu options for making adjustments (or at least keeping the quick reference cards with you).

The Wilcox RAPTAR is an ground-breaking entry into the Class1 IR Laser market.  It provides users with a combination of tools and abilities not offered by any other product in its class.  Another unique feature is that the RAPTAR series has been designed form the ground up to be completely repairable.  Other lasers on the market usually require them to be scrapped and replaced if damaged in the field.  This is a huge benefit for Unit, Agency, and Department armories.  It also allows for software upgrades in the future!

IR Lasers are restricted to Law Enforcement and Government sales only and cannot be sold to civilians. Purchase of IR Laser equipment can only occur at the Department, Agency, or Unit level. IR Lasers cannot be sold to individual Law Enforcement, Military, Government, or Contractor personnel. No exceptions. If you are a government employee and would like to purchase an IR laser, you must have your agency place the order for you. We do not make the rules, but we do follow them. These lasers are regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Price inquires must include an email request from an official government or government contractor email address. All ITAR restrictions apply.

Manufacturer: Wilcox Industries
Wilcox P/N: 57200G04-LB (Tan)
Dimensions: 4.25”(L) x 3.19”(W) x 1.75”(H)
Weight: 10.8 oz.
Housing: Glass Reinforced Polymer
Finish: Tan
Power: One (1) CR123A 3-Volt Battery
Battery Life: >7 Hours
Battery Life (Dual High): 1.3 Hours
Battery Life (Ranging Operation): >700 Measurements
Waterproof: 1 Meter
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
IR Output: 0.7mW (Low), 50mW Max (High)
IR Beam: 0.5 mrad
IR Wavelength: 835 nm
Ouput: 0.6mW – 25.0mW
Divergence: 0.5mrad
Wavelength: 532 nm
ILLUMINATOR SPEC: Illuminator Class: IIIb
Illuminator Output: 80mW
LASER RANGE FINDER: Type: Infrared (Eye Safe)
Minimum Range: 5 Meters
Maximum Range: 1,500 Meters (Target: 0.5m x 2.0m, albedo 0.5)
Range Accuracy: 1 Meter
Detection Probability: 90%
Continuous Ranging: 1 Hz
Range Acquisition Time:  1 Second

INCLUDES: Laser Module, Operator’s Manual (CD) Remote Pressure Switch, Picatinny Mount Adapter, Quick Reference Cards, Cleaning Brush, MOLLE Pouch

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