Veteran With Texas CCW Permit Stops 2 Armed Robbers

Posted by Administrator on 5/30/2014 to Firearms Classes

Veteran With Texas CCW Permit Stops 2 Armed Robbers

A Marine veteran taking a lunch break in Houston on Thursday fatally shot one of two suspects police say were robbing a video game store...
...The veteran, who has a concealed handgun license, went to his pickup truck, got his pistol and told bystanders to call 911....When they exited, one suspect raised his gun at the veteran, who was taking cover behind his truck, and the two reportedly exchanged fire.
Police said 10 shots were exchanged, one fatally striking one of the suspects....

                             Photo Via ABC13 video
This Vet had a plan and put it into action, possibly saving countless lives. In North Carolina you are lawfully able to protect another persons life with deadly force if that person also has the right to use deadly force to protect their life.  It is important that you know and understand the laws in the state that you live. Not all states have the same laws, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Get the best training available, your life may depend on it!

Here is a link to the full story on Fox News

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