Trijicon Sights & Scopes

Trijicon built it’s reputation with the innovative ACOG (advanced combat optical sight) used for the M-16 battle rifle. Since then, Trijicon’s optical excellence has been battle tested by those who protect and defend us around the globe, rightfully gaining Trijicon the reputation as having the most sophisticated and dependable optics on the market.

 This success on the battlefield now means your success on the hunting field, thanks to Trijicon’s line of self luminous aiming systems. Available in the Accupoint rifle scope as well as the Trijicon RMR, all of the products below will give the same exceptional level of performance.

Bindon Aiming Concept

Glyn Bindon, founder of Trijicon, developed the aiming technique now known as the Bindon Aiming Concept. This method of aiming through a mangified sight with both eyes open causes the brain to superimpose the illuminated reticle of a Trijicon scope on the target. During this process, the shooter does not actually aim with the scope reticle. Instead, the dominant eye is used to keep the reticle in focus, while the other eye (with a wider range of vision) is used to focus on the target and bring it into the sight picture. Once the object is sighted and on target, the dominant eye takes over, allowing the shooter to put lead on target.

Trijicon Scopes In Stock

  • Trijicon Accupoint Scopes: Hunting scopes with natural illumination (via light pipes) with high-end features including nitrogen-filled scope tubes, anodized aluminum construction, and manual brightness adjustment. Available in variable magnifications from 1x to 20x.
  • Trijicon ACOG Scopes: Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights specifically designed for combat, and available in fixed magnifications from 1x to 6x. Each Trijicon ACOG scope uses natural illumination via fiber optics, tritium reticles, or a combination of both.
  • Trijicon Reflex Sights: Extremely rugged 1x optics available with natural or powered illumination. Perfect for tactical, hunting, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Trijicon RMR Sights: Small, lightweight red dot sights designed to be unobtrusive, dependable, and long lasting. Battery life is measured in years, and several models provide adjustable brightness or battery-free operation.