Transfer Policies for All Class 3 Weapons

Transfer Policies for All Class 3 Weapons

Due to the high risk nature of out of state transfers, Carolinas First Defense has implemented the following guidelines.

1). We will not bring in any NFA weapon that I have on the shelf, in stock.

2). We can refuse to do business with anyone who does not meet the criteria necessary to purchase or transfer Class 3 Weapons.

3). Transfer fees are due before required forms are submit to the BATFE.

Transfer fees are as follows:

First-time buyers: $150 per weapon, with a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun permit and the fees will be $175 without CCW permit.

Repetitive customers, $100 per weapon with a North Carolina Concealed Carry handgun permit and the fees will be $125 without CCW permit.

* This fee is for a typical weapon. MP5 sub-gun, silencer, M16, etc. The fees listed above do not include belt fed weapons, tripods, ammo, destructive devices, etc. We would be glad to assist you with other weapons, please give us a call for those fees.

There are no fees or charges for transferring a weapon(s) to you that I have in stock, or that we order for you. The only fee required is the $200 FET required by BATFE.

Transfer fees include the following: executing the process of receiving the weapon and placing into my inventory, execution of the all of the federal paperwork required to transfer it to your personal name or your corporation on a form 4, and all mailing fees, etc. We will also personally call you to notify you that we have received your weapon. We will walk you through the process while consulting you in how to correctly execute your paperwork / forms / fingerprint cards, etc. It will also include detailed written instructions and photocopy examples of the information required to execute the forms. When the forms are returned to me from you, it will include the cost to review the forms and the cost of mailing them to the BATFE for processing. Fees will include personal notification of the arrival of your approved forms and the scheduling of an appointment for you to receive the weapon during weekday business hours.

It is Carolinas First Defense’s goal to provide each one of you with the quality customer service and personally help each customer with all of their needs from start to finish. Transfers to individuals can usually take up to 90 days or longer after the BATFE receives your $200 check.