Thunder Beast Ultra 338CB

Thunder Beast Ultra 338CB

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The Thunder Beast Ultra 338CB is our high-performance .338 caliber suppressor design for applications where the rifle will be shot with and without the suppressor and recoil reduction is required in both cases. The Ultra 338CB effectively suppresses the extreme muzzle blast of the .338 magnums down to levels similar to suppressed .308. The Ultra 338CB brake is left attached to the rifle at all times, and reduces recoil when the suppressor is not used. When the Ultra 338CB suppressor is mounted to the brake, the rifle's "suppressed zero" returns and the mount design ensures accuracy.

We developed the Ultra 30CB and Ultra 338CB to meet the requirement that some customers have for a suppressor that mounts over a muzzle device. We haven't found a "quick mount" on the market that meets our accuracy and repeatability requirements, so we developed the CB series to mount over our brake and provide the same repeatability as our direct thread attach suppressors, like the 30P-1. The Ultra 30CB features a conical shoulder for rock solid POI repeatability and to make sure it never comes loose.

The Ultra 338CB, like the 338P-1, has additional volume to handle the gas pressure of the .338 Lapua Magnum, but only weighs fractionally more than a .308 suppressor. The Ultra 338CB is constructed of titanium with a fully-welded baffle core. This material and method of construction provides a great strength to weight ratio. Our suppressors are designed from the ground up for superior accuracy. The Ultra 338CB can take whatever your big-bore precision rifle can dish out while keeping all your rounds on target. 

Special Features

  • Brake-in-suppressor design
  • Conical shoulder surface
  • Helical Baffle Technology
  • 100% titanium construction
  • 360-degree fully-welded baffle core
  • Rock-Solid POI Repeatability
  • Extreme suppression levels for .338 cartridges

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