Spotting Scopes

Posted by Carolina's First Defense on 10/2/2014 to Products

Whether you are out in the field or on the range one piece of equipment that you are going to want to have is a spotting scope. A spotting scope will be able to give you more of the information you need to hit your target at greater ranges. Using a spotting scope in conjunction with your weapon mounted scope will increase your accuracy and make sure you get a bulls eye each time.

Spotting scopes are portable telescopes that have a wide variety of uses. The optics you find within a spotting scope allow for increased visibility of the object you are trying to zero in on. These scopes can be attached to a tripod to increase user stability as well as providing more magnification than you get from a pair of binoculars. Most of the scopes you find will only be to 60x for the magnification, higher than that and you start losing the visibility of your target. While the size of the scope may vary from model to model the general rule with spotting scopes is the greater the size of the objective lens the greater the resolution is, as well as the light gathering capacity.

Spotting scopes are designed with ergonomics in mind. The smaller refracting lens on the scope is designed for the user to comfortably place their eye to it. Most of these eyepieces can be easily swapped out for another lens, making them extremely versatile. If you are shooting in a competition or out hunting, being able to adapt to a change in distance is a must.

Distance shooting is a skill that requires practice and dedication, as well as having the right equipment. Adding a spotter with a spotting scope will make hitting your mark all the easier. Not only will a spotter with a spotting scope be able to help you zero in, but they can also verify for you that you hit your target or not.

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