Carolinas First Defense Class Referral Program

With over 13 years of teaching the NC Canceled Carry Class, we have given over 3,000 NC residents the ability to lawfully conceal carry and protect themselves.  We are now offering a new referral  program, students who use this program will have the ability to save up to $100 off of any future online purchase from our website, including additional classes, firearms, and accessories. 

Students will be given twenty (20) referral cards the morning of their NC Concealed Carry Class. They will then put their names on these cards, and hand them out to future students. The cards will also have a $5 off coupon code for the student that is referred by you. They must apply that coupon code when they register and pay for their class.  That student then must turn the referral card the morning of their class. This is how we will track your progress towards your up to $100 off coupon code. 

This is how the program will work:

As the students that your refer to us turn in your referral cards, you will receive credits. At ten (10) referrals, it will be $50 off of a purchase. We will contact you when we have received the first ten (10) referral cards, you will have the option to use the $50 or continue saving the credits up to twenty (20) referrals for a full $100 of your purchase of items from our website.  A coupon code will then be generated for you to make your purchase.

*This program can only be used towards purchases of items or classes on our website, can not be redeemed for cash. You must have attended any of Carolinas First Defense firearms classes to be able participate in this program.