House Bill 562 and changes to North Carolina Gun Laws

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House Bill 562 and changes to North Carolina Gun Laws
With Governor Pat McCrory signing the latest House Bill 562 into law on August 5, 2015. North Carolinian's and any other out of state folks that have a valid concealed carry permit visiting our state with have more rights to protect them selves as gun owners. There were several changes made to our gun laws.  

Federal Ammunition

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When you are looking at getting ammunition you will find there exists a variety companies for you to chose from. Knowing a little bit more about these companies can help you make a better decision on your purchase.

Spotting Scopes

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Whether you are  out in the field or on the range one piece of equipment that you are going to want to have is a spotting scope.

When Modifying, Please Take Note

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Guns are great, this we know, but over time we tend to want to make certain changes to them. Now this has lead to some utterly brilliant stuff that people have made. In many cases these guns can turn into a work of art and appear like something from the future. Then there are cases in which we have seen a good gun look like something out of a horror film. In many cases these modifying horror stories start off well intended but due to cost cutting measures and a lack of skill they quickly go wrong. When you are modifying, be sure to keep in mind some of these notes when attempting anything.

FIREClean Super Performance Gun Oil

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FIREClean™ Super Performance Gun Oil

Carolinas First Defense is Proud to offer FIREClean™ FIREClean™ is a patent pending extreme performance gun oil that provides unmatched reliability and durability for your firearms. It is odorless, biodegradable, and safe.  FIREClean™ destroys carbon contamination and helps prevent future fouling. FIREClean™ is the choice of the best and most demanding shooters in the World- pro shooters, military special operations, and tactical law enforcement teams.