PM Shortdot

Schmidt Bender PM Shortdot

Schmidt Bender PM Short-Dot scopes are a combination of a red dot sight and a scope developed for use at short and medium distances. With a low magnification, the Short-Dot may be used like a red dot sight. The red target dot is mirrored in the center of the reticle and can be turned off by a rheostat. When turned off the illuminated dot vanishes completely leaving the user with a normal reticle.  The illuminating unit offers 5 illumination stages for the use in broad daylight. The red dot remains visible, even on snow or sand or in bright sunlight. Three illuminated settings are designed for poor lighting conditions without night vision, while another three settings permit use in combination with night-vision goggles. An automatic locking function is used to secure elevation and windage as well as the illuminating unit against any involuntary adjustment.