NDL 360


NDL 360 CLP is a technologically advanced, biodegradable CLP which elimanates malfunctions, prohibits carbon build-up and corrosion, reduces clean-up time and protects with a near permanent layer of lubrication using nano diamond technology.
NDL stands for ultra-dispersed diamonds (nano diamonds). Nano-diamonds are the active ingredients in NDL360. Only slightly wider ten human DNA, nano diamonds, which have an affinity to hydrophobic molecules, bind themselves to lubricants and protectants, carrying them deep into the microscopic fissures of metal surfaces ( in actions, bores, and magazines).  

The proprietary method in which NDL 360 nano diamonds are processed induces a state of constant motion, in turn, causing the nano diamonds to migrate deep into ordinarily inaccessible areas of treated weapons, carrying with them the powerful cleaning, lubricating and protecting agents found in NDL 360 CLP.

Once there, NDL 360 begins lifting and dissolving meatal and powder fouling, carbon build-up and corrosives. NDL 360 nano diamonds integrate themselves into metal surfaces at the molecular level, creating a near permanent layer of lubrication and protectant which repels moisture and prevents corrosives from reaching metal surfaces.

Weapons remain well lubricated and protected from corrosion during use and lengthy storage. Treated metals appear dry shortly after application and do not attract dust or sand.