Two years ago MAGPUL set out to solve a series of problems that they identified with the current offering of rifle stocks designed to fit the Remington 700 action.

Entery-level stocks generally lacked adjustability and rigidity, Chassis systems without those limitations were rather expensive. MAGPUL's goal was to give the bolt action rifleman a lightweight stock with better fit, solid bedding and advanced features at an attractive price point. Capitalizing on the already proven design of the SGA Shotgun Stock, the MAGPUL Hunter 700 offers fast and easy adjustments of both length of pull and comb hight with an intuitive interface. It has QD cup capability, advanced ergonomic features and accepts all M-LOK compatible accessories. The stock works out of the box with Remington OEM bottom metal, but if you want to add a detachable maazine, simply remove the bottom metal and add the MAGPUL Bolt Action Magazine Well MAG497 which takes about five minutes and requires no custom inletting. Additionly, MAGPUL now offers the PMAG 5 AC, a 5 round (convertable to 6) AICS compatible magazine to feed your Hunter 700. We consider that a pritty good start, but this is just the beginning of the MAGPUL bolt action journey.