Italian Gun Grease Tactical PINK 6oz

Item No.:IGGTF-P-6oz

Tactical PINK 6oz

Italian Gun Grease Tactical PINK 6oz
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IGG's Tactical Formula is an enhancement of our Original Formula. It is specifically designed for the most extreme combat environments. It will hold up to even the most grueling temperatures and pressures. IGG's Tactical Formula will inhibit carbon, lead, and copper build-up within your weapon decreasing cleaning time while improving accuracy and performance.

- dramatic friction reduction (HSM technology)
- makes metal smoother and harder
- lower barrel temperature
- higher bullet velocity
- 400 degree flash point
- minimal carbon build-up
- safe for indoor use
- fewer malfunctions
- very low standard deviation and spread rate
- smoother action
- low odor
- made in America

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