House Bill 562 and changes to North Carolina Gun Laws

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House Bill 562 and changes to North Carolina Gun Laws
With Governor Pat McCrory signing the latest House Bill 562 into law on August 5, 2015. North Carolinian's and any other out of state folks that have a valid concealed carry permit visiting our state with have more rights to protect them selves as gun owners. There were several changes made to our gun laws.  

One of the most significant changes regarding carrying a concealed handgun was the change that allows a permittee to maintain possession of his handgun while on education property as long as the permittee does not exit the locked vehicle while carrying the concealed handgun. If the handgun is not concealed on the individual's person, it must still be placed in a closed container of a locked vehicle or in a locked container securely affixed to the vehicle (i.e. motorcycle saddlebags). 

If the permittee or a third party is faced with a deadly force situation pursuant to NCGS 14-51.3. The permittee may remove the handgun from the vehicle and use it in response to the threatening situation. The change in the law does not remove the prohibition of having a weapon on posted private educational property.  

One of the other updates in House Bill 562 allows hunters to hunt while using short-barreled rifles. So now in North Carolina hunters may utilize their short-barreled rifles and silencers to hunt with. We are definitely moving in the right direction in North Carolina!  


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