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You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of glass breaking. Your heart immediately jumps into over drive as you get up and grab something nearby to protect yourself. Now if you had taken a home defense course you would have been able to immediately know what you should be doing in this matter. If you haven't, then here are two pointers as to what you should do when someone is in your home.


If it is obvious that someone is prowling around downstairs you should immediately call the police. This is step one because even if you can corner the guy you are going to eventually need the police to take them away or to haul them away from your home. If they are already en route to your home you will find that you will be a bit calmer as you go to deal with the intruder. Remember that they are recording everything at the 911 center. Have some type of flashlight handy at all times, I always have my trusty Streamlight PT1L with me. You must identify your target.... all to often someone is awakened by the sounds of a loved one or a roommate that is coming home and mistaken them for a bad guy.  

Grab Your AR15

A lot of people think that they need a shotgun to defend their home. Even Joe Biden said " Get a shotgun ", but in reality the shotgun is not a stiller home defense weapon.

The shotgun has noticeable recoil especially with buckshot type loads. The pattern at 15 yards is about 8-12" but at 15 feet it is about 2-3". So you must still aim it to keep from missing your target. A shotgun (with 00 buck) fires 8 or 9 small caliber, low velocity rounds. All will penetrate interior walls with ease and some external walls. The number of pellets do increase your chance of hitting a vital area, but properly aimed will do more for you than "pointing in the general direction" where you are likely to miss. Plus all those little pellets that do not hit the target can easily go several more yards endangering others, just as can any misplaced shot. Practice, Aim well, and hit your target.

A rifle like the AR15 has much more power per projectile than the shotgun. It usually carries more rounds than the shotgun which mean that you have to manipulate the gun less. The recoil is much less than the shotgun and makes for a weapon that is easier to shoot, and easier to employ with confidence. It allows for surgical precision placement of rounds and will keep you from hitting someone you care about if the bad guy gets to your family before you do. You have much greater fire superiority than the shotgun as after 6-8 rounds the shotgun needs reloading compared to the 30 rounds in a rifle. With a 55gr .223 round you will have less over penetration, which is extremely important inside your home.

Not any rifle will do. There are many rifle calibers that are too large for self defense in and around the home . I'd recommend a .223 / 5.56mm in an AR-15. These rifles have negligible recoil, are semi automatic are small and compact and accessories can be bought that make them smaller, and can carry 30 round magazines (bad guys come in packs). With good 55gn ammo you have a weapon that will hit hard, with surgical precision, and incapacitate an attacker, with multiple follow up shots at will.

click to watch the FBI Gelatine video

Those are the two basics. Call the police, then scare them off if you can, but if not be ready to protect yourself and family. Please be sure to spend some time training with your firearms, remember..... Visit our Classes page for more information about how we can help you keep your self and your family safe.

"If you knew you would be fighting for your life tomorrow, would you change the way you train today?"

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