When competitive shooters and law enforcement in North Carolina hear the name Carolina's First Defense, they immediately think of the incredible array of firearm training and safety courses we provide, ranging from Personal Protection to Advanced Tactical Handgun training. For the rest of the world, we're your source for an outstanding selection of superior quality handguns and firearms, plus all of the cutting-edge accessories and ammunition you need to elevate your accuracy on the range or in the woods.

Professional shooters know that GemTech is one of the industry's finest ammunition manufacturers, and their signature line of 22LR subsonic rounds set a standard that few can match. Each of the 42 grain lead bullets is specially coated to prevent lead fouling in your suppressor and burns cleaner than conventional ammunition to reduce the amount of smoke produced. Click below to order a box of 500 GemTech 22LR rounds, or shop by phone by calling 704-692-4176 today!

300 Blackout Subsonic
Gemtech's Sub Sonic 300 Blackout ammunition is available in a variety of bullet weights in order to maximize its effectiveness in a variety of host weapons. Our ammunition is loaded to precise specifications in order to ensure quality, reliability, and consistency in anything from 8" SBRs to 20" precision bolt guns.

300 Blackout Supersonic
Gemtech 300 Blackout Super Sonic ammunition is a great choice for the range, duty, and hunting. We take great pride in providing our customers with quality ammunition that is accurate and reliable because we shoot it too. If you are looking for ammo to take your next deer or obliterate hogs look no further.

22LR Subsonic
Gemtech's Sub Sonic 22LR ammunition has proven to be dependable in every gun we have tested from 2" barreled pocket guns to the tried and true Ruger 10/22. This ammo is great for target shooting as well as varmint eradication. The 42gr lead bullet is coated to help cut down on fowling in your suppressor and the powder is designed to burn cleaner than conventional rimfire.