Gas Station Owner Turns the Table On A Would-be Robber

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Surveillance photo of robbery. Photo from

Shelby NC. - Police said a masked man attempted to rob the Padgett's BP in Shelby Monday.

Gary Padgett, the owner of Pagett’s BP was able to turn the table on a would-be robber on Monday June 9th. The robber came into the store wearing a mask, gloves and a large container of pepper spray.

Padgett had a plan for when this happened again and put that plan into action immediately without any hesitation; Padgett drew his gun and pointed it at the attempted robber. At that time the robber decided that it was time for him to exit the store in a hurry.

A customer who was pulling into Padgett’s parking lot observed the would-be robber running from the store with Padgett close behind, and decided to follow them in his truck. Padgett and the good Samaritan where able to tackle the would suspect and hold him till the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Deputies could arrive.  

Nicholas Richard Hartman, 26, was charged with robbery.

He was sent to Cleveland County Detention Center under a $20,000 bond. 

Nicholas Richard Hartman, 26, was charged with robbery. He was sent to Cleveland County Detention Center under a $20,000 bond. Photo from

This was not the first time Mr. Padgett had been robbed. About six years ago three armed men came into his store at about closing time to rob him. But Padgett had a plan that time too. At that time gun fire erupted inside his store where Padgett shot one of the robbers in the shoulder.

Our staff at Carolinas First Defense likes to remind everyone that crime does not discriminate.  Crime can occur anywhere and we have to ensure that we are providing the best training so that our students can properly defend themselves as well as their families. This attempted robbery, as well as several other events that have occurred locally within Cleveland, Gaston, and surrounding counties is just another reminder that we have to always remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings, as well as prepare ourselves for all situations. If you are a business owner, or just a citizen looking for a way to learn how to properly and lawfully protect yourself and are interested in obtaining your CCW permit or furthering your education and shooting skills, please give us a call at Carolinas First Defense. We offer a wide variety of classes that are suitable for everyone of all walks of life. From beginner to advanced classes, CFD takes our classes to the next level and we are committed to providing you with the best training around.

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