This week has been a busy week for criminals in Gaston County

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This week has been a busy week for criminals in Gaston County

No one ever anticipates being the victim. You must make sure that you are both mentally and physically prepared to protect yourself.

This week has been a busy week for criminals in Gaston County. Tuesday night, a lady was picking her boyfriend up from Advanced Drainage Systems, a pipe business on East Maine Avenue in Bessemer City. A man approached, as he pointed a gun at her, while she waited on her boyfriend. He started yelling at her to give him money then forced her into the back seat of her car. He then drove her around the city of Gastonia. The assailant eventually pulled over, put her out of the car, zip-tied her arms behind her back, her legs together and broke her phone. He stated to her, "If you call police, I'm going to shoot you and your kids up." 

Shots Fired at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC

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Shots Fired at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC

In Charlotte, NC authorities, paramedics and emergency crews responded to Northlake Mall Monday afternoon after shots were reported in the parking lot just outside of Dillard's. The shooting occurred around 3:30pm today. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police confirmed that shots were fired outside of the mall, and that no one was shot and that the suspect has left the scene. This is now the second shooting at this mall, the last one was on Christmas Eve 2015 that resulted in a law enforcement officer shooting and killing one of the shooting suspects. 

You never know when or where you may be when someone attempts to make you their victim. Your safety is your responsibility, learn how to properly protect yourself and your family. Carolinas First Defense has at least one North Carolina Concealed Carry Class per month. "If you knew that you would be fighting for your life tomorrow, would you change the way that you train today?"

North Carolina Concealed Carry Class

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North Carolina Concealed Carry Class
North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes by Carolinas First Defense

Carolinas First Defense tries to conduct at least one (1) North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class each month, but we are capable of scheduling classes for groups on other dates as well.  Our North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes are generally held at 1851 E Dixon Blvd Shelby, NC.  Our North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Class is required to obtain a North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit "CCW Permit". This class is taught by a North Carolina Certified Law Enforcement Officer and Certified Firearms Instructor.  For updated information, be sure to continually check out our website and you can also find us on Facebook.

Local North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes

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Local North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes

Since 2009 North Carolina residents spanning from across the state have traveled to Carolinas First Defense for their North Carolina Concealed Carry Class. Most of our Concealed Carry Classes are held at Maples Lake in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. This location is perfect for anyone traveling from locations such as Gastonia, Belmont, Charlotte, Concord, Monroe, Shelby, Rutherfordton, Spindale, Columbus, Hickory, Newton, and Asheville.

Our North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes, also known as NC CCW Classes, are held at least once a month at our Kings Mountain location. We are also able to set up classes at churches as fundraisers for the church or church groups.

H.R. 218 Class For Retired Law Enforcement Officers

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Carolinas First Defense H.R. 218 Class For Retired Law Enforcement Officers    

 In 2007 the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation allowing the NC Criminal Justice Education Standards Commission to “establish standards and guidelines for the annual firearms certification of qualified retired law enforcement officers.” This action was a result of the passage by the US Congress of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (known as H.R. 218) which allows for qualified and trained active law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons nationwide. Following a lengthy process, the program for qualification of retired officers has now been developed and Carolinas First Defense is now offering this specialized class to all retired law enforcement officers who reside in North Carolina.


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Police tape surrounds a section of the 4600 block of Newport Avenue after
a shooting late on Monday, June 9, 2014. Photo by Valerie Schremp Hahn

ST. LOUIS • A husband and wife armed with guns were able to stave off an apparent home invasion Monday night, police said.

This St. Louis couple is thankful that they had a plan as well as a couple of pistols with in reach in after they were forced to use them to defend their daughter against two men Monday night.

The men, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet, confronted the couples’ 17 year-old daughter after she stepped outside of the house to go to her car.[i]

Gas Station Owner Turns the Table On A Would-be Robber

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Surveillance photo of robbery. Photo from

Shelby NC. - Police said a masked man attempted to rob the Padgett's BP in Shelby Monday.

Gary Padgett, the owner of Pagett’s BP was able to turn the table on a would-be robber on Monday June 9th. The robber came into the store wearing a mask, gloves and a large container of pepper spray.

What Responsibilities Come With Carrying a Concealed Handgun ?

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When we carry a concealed weapon, we are of course are talking about taking control of our own safety And, since we can now respond with deadly force to a murderous attacker, we are also taking control and responsibility for their lives as well as any bystanders lives.  We all must share in this great responsibility, in just North Carolina as of June 2011 there were a total of 228,072 Concealed Carry Permit holders[i], even though you are never aware of their armed presence.

Veteran With Texas CCW Permit Stops 2 Armed Robbers

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Veteran With Texas CCW Permit Stops 2 Armed Robbers

A Marine veteran taking a lunch break in Houston on Thursday fatally shot one of two suspects police say were robbing a video game store...
...The veteran, who has a concealed handgun license, went to his pickup truck, got his pistol and told bystanders to call 911....When they exited, one suspect raised his gun at the veteran, who was taking cover behind his truck, and the two reportedly exchanged fire.
Police said 10 shots were exchanged, one fatally striking one of the suspects....

North Carolina Concealed Carry Class

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Home owner shoots intruder

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Bad guy breaks into a home with the home owner home. Bad guy shoots at home owner, home owner grabs an AR-15 and shoots the bad guy...... 1 for good guys..... 0 for bad guys....Here is the story of the home invasion incident that had happened yesterday in Vance County NC. Please don't forget this is one of the things that we teach in our NC Concealed Carry Classes.

Carolinas First Defense NC Concealed Carry Class Guarantee

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Carolinas First Defense is not only your premiere mobile firearms training company that provides first-class training, we also provide an exclusive service that no one else offers. With everyone who takes our Concealed Carry Handgun Class (CCW), or Concealed Carry Handgun Refresher Class and remains on our email list to receive legal updates, we guarantee that if you utilize your handgun to protect yourself or your family, you did not break any laws, and it is deemed a lawful use of self-defense, Carolinas First Defense will assist your legal team at no cost to you in the state of North Carolina.

NC CCW Class

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NC CCW Class
We will have a NC Concealed Carry Class on 5/03/2014 at Maples Lake in Kings Mountain. Class starts at 8am and will finish by 5pm. Price for class is $80 and includes lunch. We also have weapons, & equipment available to rent if needed. Carolinas First Defense is proud to say that as of this month we have trained over 2,500 people and look forward to training many more!!!