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Posted by Carolina's First Defense on 10/2/2014 to Products

When you are looking at getting ammunition you will find there exists a variety companies for you to chose from. Knowing a little bit more about these companies can help you make a better decision on your purchase. One of the most highly praised companies in existence today is Federal Ammunition. Below is a brief history of how this state-of-the-art company rose to the pinnacle of the ammo world.

Federal Ammunition was founded in 1927 by Charles L. Hook when he re-founded the company Federal Cartridge Corporation. Hook came up with a revolutionary marketing plan that focused on advertising the companies products in various places you normally wouldn't see ammo ads, such as grocery stores and barber shops. This lead to Hook being able to secure a contract with the U.S government that allowed for Federal Ammunition to open up the large Twin City Ordnance Plant.

Over the years Federal Ammunition was able to spread its marketing influence to the point where it became a favorite manufacturer for both government agents as well as sports shooters. The time and care Federal Ammunition put into each of it's rounds set many standards in the ammo industry. In 1960 they where the first company to color code their shotgun ammunition by gauge, making it easier for the shooter to pick the shells they wanted.

Today Federal Ammunition has not only won awards for their products but have also helped the United States win Olympic gold. Both in 1992 and again in 1996 the U.S Olympic team brought home gold medals using the high quality ammo that Federal Ammunition provides. For recognition of this Federal Ammunition was awarded both titles of “Ammunition of the Year” from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence as well as “Manufacture of the Year” from National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers. Carolina First Defense is proud to be able to carry these high quality products.

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