FED XM193 5.56X45 55GR FMJ 500

Item No.:FXM193

FED XM193 5.56X45 55GR FMJ 500

FED XM193 5.56X45 55GR FMJ 500
FED XM193 5.56X45 55GR FMJ 500
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Model Number: XM193

XM193 product is first run, first quality product manufactured at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for Federal Cartridge and is made to Federal specifications typical for commercial ammunition.

All XM193 product is the same regardless of the sku or part number. (ie. XM193C is the same as XM193F, XM193CBP and etc…) The only difference is the package configuration. This configuration includes 25 individual boxes of 20 rounds each.

CALIBER: 5.56 mm, manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP)
CASE: Brass (Copper Alloy No. 260)
BULLET: 55 gr. FMJ Boat-Tail
PRIMER: M41 Operating Range: (-40 degrees to +125 degrees F)
PRIMER SEALANT: Water resistant lacquer
HEADSTAMP: Each loaded cartridge shall be headstamped with the manufacturers symbol and year of manufacture
ACCURACY: 3-10round groups not to exceed 2.00 inch mean radius maximum average at 200 yards
INSTRUMENTAL VELOCITY: 3165 +/- 40 FPS (78 feet from muzzle) using a 5.56 test barrel, 20 inches long
ENERGY: 1223 Ft-Lbs. at 78’
CHAMBER PRESSURE: Piezotronic maximum average per 10 rounds - 55000 PSI in 5.56 test barrel (case mouth location)
BULLET PULL: Minimum individual 35 lbs.
PROPELLANT DETECTION: 100% mechanical/electronic detection of propellant levels within the cartridge
VISUAL INSPECTION: 100% visual inspection of finished cartridges prior to packaging
WARNING: For use in standard 5.56 mm chambers. Do not use in non-standard 5.56 chambers.
PACKAGING: 20 Rounds per carton. 25 cartons per 500 round case.

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