Do I have to own my own firearm to take a course?

NO!!! If you don’t own a firearm don’t let that stop you from taking a class that can save your life. We offer complete rental packages for all of our courses. We offer firearms, holsters, mag pouches, ammo, eye safety glasses & hearing protection etc… Prices for gun rentals will depend on the class in which you registered.
What equipment should I bring with me to a CCW Class?
You will need the following items to take a Concealed Carry Handgun Class: *Good Quality Handgun (please check the operation of your handgun prior to class. No single action revolvers!!!) You will also need 50 Rounds of Ammunition "to be used at the range," Eye Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection. *NOTE! Some types of ammunition are in short supply. Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your ammo. *Holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed due to safety concerns.) Please bring a belt for your holster. *Hat or Cap with brim (to deflect hot spent shells and prevent them from getting between your safety glasses and eyes). *Loose fitting clothing with pockets works best or a coat with pockets for ammunition and magazines. No sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes will be allowed at the range. Tennis shoes or boots are preferred.
Where is the class held?
 We hold classes in the greater Charlotte, Gastonia, and Shelby area and often instruct private classes within communities, churches, homes and private ranges. Please check the class schedule to verify.
Where do I apply for my Concealed Carry Permit (CCW Permit)?
In order to obtain your concealed carry permit, you must first successfully complete our course which includes eight hours in the classroom, qualifying with a pistol, as well as a written exam. Upon successful completion of our Carolinas First Defense CCW Class, you will receive a certificate. You must then apply to the Sheriff's Office within your county of residence. The Sheriff shall issue a permit to an applicant if the applicant is qualified under the criteria according to N.C.G.S. 14-415.12.
Cleveland County Residents: Please click on the following link to print your Concealed Carry Permit Packet for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office. *** Click Here Cleveland Co Sheriff's Office Link ***

Once you complete the packet, please call Norma Greene at 704-484-4763 to make an appointment to process your application and to be fingerprinted. They can notarize signatures there as well. *Please make sure your paperwork is complete before making an appointment with Ms. Greene.* Are your ranges open to the public?
We are not a public shooting range. Our ranges are available only to students currently enrolled in classes.
Are courses open to civilians?
Yes. More than half of our classes are open to responsible citizens (check the Prerequisites or Schedule for restrictions). If you can legally own a firearm, you are eligible to attend most of our courses.
What time do classes start? What time are they over?
Our full day classes typically begin at 7:00AM and end around 5:00PM. We ask that you get to class 15 min early so we can get started promptly at 7:00AM, some times classes can run till after 6:00PM. Our 3 hour classes have varied start times. Please check the schedule for the course hours.
What should I wear to the class?
We recommend that you dress appropriately for both indoor and outdoor participation. It may be cool in the class room so please dress accordingly. Keep in mind that most of our classes involve training outside. You will need to dress appropriately for an outdoor range and the weather scheduled for the day of the class. Dressing in layers is a good idea. We suggest bringing a hat, closed toed shoes, sun block and jacket as needed. If it is raining or has rained in the past few days it may be muddy on the range in which boots will be a good idea. Wear clothing that is comfortable which allows for a full range of motion as required by the class you are attending.
What if we experience inclement weather the day of class?
We continue your training rain or shine. We pride ourselves in giving you the opportunity to train in “combat conditions” at no extra charge. Should we incur unsafe conditions we will move you to the next available course, or shoot at another time. Our CCW Class is 95% in the classroom and only 5% on the range.
Student Cancellation Policy

For Firearms Classes Cancellation Policy, Please see our Store Policies page.