Crimson Trace

Just as no modern rifle is complete without quality optics, no personal protection handgun is fully equipped without a laser sighting system. Laser sights offer immediate protection by increasing your odds of survival in low light conditions and can assist as a threat deterrent by potentially de-escalating deadly encounters. Accuracy is immediately improved with laser sights by helping shooters stay on target in awkward shooting positions and to help them avoid "tunnel vision" associated with high stress situations. The use of lasers assist shooters with critical shooting fundamentals including sight alignment and trigger control. As a training tool for students and instructors alike, laser sights drastically increase target visibility and are excellent for developing skills during dry fire drills. Shooters of all levels of expertise - from first-time shooters to advanced marksmen - will experience a confidence increase while using laser sights, as they have the ability to get on - and stay on - target. Also, lasers have long been a well regarded tactical tool by professional users, as they are useful in a myriad of conditions.