County concealed carry permits spike as gun debate rages

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County concealed carry permits spike as gun debate rages

Dana Austin, from Kings Mountain, aims for a target during a concealed carry weapons class offered by Carolinas First Defense Saturday. Around 100 people signed up for the class in the wake of debate about gun control stemming from a series of mass shootings across the nation in 2012.

By Alicia Banks Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 11:34 AM.

How many applications for carrying concealed weapon permits has Cleveland County received?

2012 - 618

2011 - 490

2010 - 540

2009 - 605

2008 – 398

-The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has received 252 permit applications for CCWs since the beginning of 2013.

-Currently, 3,600 residents were approved and have a CCW in the county.

*Source: Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office

Want to take a weapons class?

To learn more about other classes offered by Carolinas First Defense, which include self-defense and rifle training, contact owners Jesse Saucier and Jennifer Fredell at 704-692-4176 or 704-600-7879 and visit their website at

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