Class III Weapons

Carolinas First Defense (CFD) is a North Carolina-based Class 3 business.  As specialists in Class 3 weapons and military weapons of all types, Carolinas First Defense has access to some one of the largest distributors of collector-grade arms in the United States.

In 1986, the United States government banned the future importation and domestic manufacture of machine guns for civilian consumption, and the already limited inventory of Class 3 weapons has since diminished substantially. As time has progressed throughout the years, these weapons are increasingly ending up in the hands of collectors who have no intention of ever selling them. The effect is of that is the fact that Class 3 arms are growing increasingly scarce, and their prices are rising accordingly. Further Federal bans in 1989 and 1994 relating to semi-automatic clones of military weapons have spurred similar trends in that arena as well. Therefore, the price of a quality, collector-grade Class 3 or semi-automatic weapon has spiraled beyond the comprehension of the average, typical buyer.

Carolinas First Defense can help you from start to finish. The first step is helping you find the weapon of your choice, then we will make the purchase from one of our partnering distributors, and the final step is assisting you with the actual Class 3 transfer. Our staff at Carolinas First Defense works hard to assist you with all of your firearms and Class 3 needs, including classes.

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