Accu-Shot BT10 - ATLAS Bipod

Item No.:BT10-LW17

Accu-Shot BT10 - ATLAS Bipod

Accu-Shot BT10 - ATLAS Bipod
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Atlas Bipod ( BT10-LW17 )

The BT10 Atlas bipod is perhaps one of the best bipods in the world. The Atlas Bipod is one of the few bipods that have been tested between both civilian and professionals. Whether it's being used on the range or on the war torn fields of another country, these bipods have been shown to be dependable in a pinch. 

The BT10 was constructed out of T6061 Aluminum and Type III hard anodized black to make sure that the body of the BT10 was both light and strong. It also utilizes stainless springs and fasteners for extra dependability. The mobility of the bipod is 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Pan and Cant that can be adjusted for comfort and ease of use. All 5 leg positions are accessed by push button heat treated stainless steel components giving the shooter to load the bipod at any of the three deployed positions.

Lastly, it is proudly made in the USA!

The BT10 has the following features:

  • Construction from T6061 Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized black
  • Stainless steel springs and fasteners
  • UHMW components used for smooth tracking
  • 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Pan
  • 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Cant
  • Preload on Pan and Cant can be tightened by means of the knurled knob
  • Picitinny Rail Mount interface by either standard machine screw fastener based clamp or optional ARMS 17S lever mount (offered with the ADM Throw Lever on the BT10-LW17 but any lever mount with that same hole spacing will work on the BT10-NC).
  • Leg positioning is possible by using either hand to move the legs into any of the five leg positions; legs stowed back, 45 degree back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward.
  • All 5 leg positions are maintained by push button heat treated stainless steel components allowing the shooter to load the bipod at any of the three deployed positions.
  • Non orientated leg length adjustment, Outer leg slides on the Inner leg locating on any of five positions ¾" apart and can be done by either hand.
  • Optional 3" leg extensions to increase height available.
  • Standard soft durable Rubber feet that are suitable for many surfaces.
  • Optional interchangeable Ski and Cleat style feet can be swapped in the field with the press of a ball plunger with a bullet tip.
  • Optional mounting systems available for Accuracy International and soon to be released Sako TRG rifles.
  • Estimated range of elevation on the BT10 is 5-9" from the surface up to the rail.
  • Estimated weight of 10.6 ounces for the clamp on style
  • Proudly Made in America

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