Armasight is an international company that specializes in bringing the best in night vision technology to military service men and women, law enforcement officers, and civilians from around the world. Armasight is dedicated to creating the best in night vision technology, from hand held night vision monoculars to state of the art thermal imaging sights. Many Armasight night vision devices are based off of designs currently in use by the United States military, such as the PVS-7 night vision gear or the PVS-14. A wide range of image intensifier tubes are available for different pursuits by Arma-Sight, whether you're looking for an advanced, auto-gated Gen 3 Pinnacle tube or an affordable but efficient Generation 1+ night vision intensifier. There are also a slew of Arma-Sight night vision accessories to help you get the most out of your goggles, monocular, or biocular, whether you want to give night vision compatibility to your daytime scope or mount your monocular to a helmet for hands-free use. When you want to see at night, pick up a night vision device by Armasight.