Carolinas First Defense is your source for Tactical rifle and handgun ammunition. Click on one of the brands below to see what we have in-stock.
When your need for quality tactical gear, accessories and ammunition is mandatory, Carolinas First Defense is always your best option. In addition to offering elite level firearms training, we carry an excellent selection of superior performance rifles, handguns, and all of the accessories and upgrades you need to make it perfect for you. We keep our prices reasonable, and back up everything we sell with the best customer service team in the business.

To improve as a sharpshooter requires the expenditure of a lot of brass, so Carolinas First Defense is pleased to offer handgun and rifle ammunition from some of the most respected names in the business. Browse by subcategory below to view our entire stock from each ammo manufacturer, or use our handy site search tool at the top of each page to search by keyword.
  • Reloading Reloading
    Reloading Equipment and Supply's
  • Black Hills Black Hills
    Black Hills Ammunition by the box or case. Black Hills makes the highest quality and most accurate ammunition on the market. Not only is it accurate, but each projectile is selected for maximum damage to target which is why all five branches of the US Armed Services use Black Hills Ammunition for their precision combat ammo. We choose Black Hills Ammunition for all our rifle ammo needs.
  • CCI/Speer CCI/Speer
    When you shoot CCI®, you always leave your mark. Whether you're on the wide open plains over-looking a prairie dog town, or shooting at the range, the evidence is obvious. You've chosen CCI for a reason, and your fellow hunters and shooters know that. They take note of your advanced, highly-specialized ammunition
  • Desert Tech Munitions Desert Tech Munitions
    A rifle is only as accurate as the ammunition you shoot through it. we developed our own Desert Tech line of ammunition to guarantee exceptional precision and consistency from lot to lot so that the military sniper, LE sniper, or long distance shooter can count on.
  • GemTech GemTech
    GemTech Ammunition is available in 300 Blackout both Subsonic as well as Supersonic, and .22lr Subsonic. This 300 Blackout match ammunition is loaded to precise specifications in order to ensure quality, reliability, and consistency in anything from 8" SBRs to 20" precision bolt guns. 22LR Subsonic Gemtech's Sub Sonic 22LR ammunition has proven to be dependable in every gun we have tested from 2" barreled pocket guns to the tried and true Ruger 10/22. This ammo is great for target shooting as well as varmint eradication. The 42gr lead bullet is coated to help cut down on fowling in your suppressor and the powder is designed to burn cleaner than conventional rimfire.
  • G2 Research RIP G2 Research RIP
    G2 R.I.P. Ammo is The last round you'll ever need! It started with an un-compromised idea of creating the ultimate personal protection round. The geometry at the tip of the projectile has much to do with the way the projectile travels through tissue. It has been long known in the medical industry that a trocar point penetrates the dermis layer more efficiently...
  • Federal Federal
    Federal Ammunition is the technology leader in the ammunition industry, focusing on technology & advancing the state-of-the-art in product performance and the fundamentals - better quality, better service, and lower delivered cost to the customer.
  • Remington Remington
    Remington Arms Company, Inc. is owned by the Freedom Group and is headquartered in Madison, North Carolina. Remington Arms is the only major United States manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products. Currently, Remington has five site locations which include plants in New York, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Ohio.
  • Hornady Hornady
    PERFORMANCE: All Hornady ammunition is built to provide shooters and hunters with the HIGHEST performance available on the market today – period!
  • Silver State Armory Silver State Armory
    Silver State Armory (SSA) has been manufacturing high quality ammunition and brass cases since 2000. Silver State Armory cartridges are loaded with a variety of high quality bullets matched to their intended application.
    PMC, Precision Made Cartridges, brings you, the shooter, the quality, dependability and accuracy you have come to expect from our world-class ammunition
  • Winchester Winchester
    Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities: hunting ammo, shooting, target ammo, and personal defense ammo.
  • Barnes Barnes
    Barnes® VOR-TX® Barnes' brand loaded ammunition. Barnes TAC-XPD™ Defense Ammunition Barnes' brand loaded
  • Armscor Armscor
    Armscor Precision Ammunition for Sale Online at Discount Prices
  • Nosler Nosler
    Nosler® has been custom-loading ammunition for years; not for sale, but for their own personal hunts and daily production testing. For over 60 years, their team has known what it takes to make ammunition that is not only accurate but consistent.
  • Buffalo Bore Ammunition Buffalo Bore Ammunition
    If you're a serious shooter, this ammo is what you've been wishing for. Buffalo Bore takes factory ammunition to a new level!
  • CorBon CorBon
    COR®BON/Glaser® products, has been an American family-owned and operated corporation for over 30 years. The CorBon company uses only the highest quality components and put their products through rigorous, daily testing to insure that they bring you the safest products available.
  • FN FN
    Since 1997, Herstal Group has been 100% owned by the Walloon Region of Belgium. With manufacturing locations in Belgium, US, Portugal, Japan and Finland, the global Herstal Group provides employment to a workforce of about 2,400 people.
  • Gorilla Ammunition Company LLC Gorilla Ammunition Company LLC
    Gorilla Ammunition was founded on the principles that load development and quality control are essential to consistent high quality performance.
  • Magnum Research Magnum Research
    Magnum Research ammo for sale in our online ammunition store at discount prices. Order Magnum Research ammo online and we can ship it direct to your doorstep.
  • MagTech MagTech
    Magtech Ammunition is built upon superior performance, small-caliber ammunition for millions of shooters and hunters worldwide.
  • RWS/Umarex RWS/Umarex
    RWS ammunition for hunters and sport shooters: centerfire rifle cartridges, Rottweil shotshells, air gun bullets and rimfire cartridges
  • Sellier & Bellot Sellier & Bellot
    Since 1825, when Luis Sellier started the manufacture of percussion cups in Prague, the Company has undergone a long and successful history. Today it ranks among the most significant engineering companies in the Czech Republic
    Tula ammo for sale at - Bulk TulAmmo in-stock at cheap prices for shooters with fast shipping. Check it out here today.
  • Weatherby Weatherby
    All Weatherby® rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 1 1/2" OR BETTER 3-shot group at 100 yards from a cold barrel when used with premium (non-Weatherby calibers) or Weatherby factory ammunition.
  • Training Rounds / Snap Caps Training Rounds / Snap Caps
    For safety training, function testing or safely decocking without damaging the firing pin, A-Zoom training rounds are much more than conventional snap-caps.