1 Day Introductory Carbine Course (1 Day)

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1 Day Introductory Carbine Course (1 Day)

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1 Day Introductory Carbine Course (1 Day)
1 Day Introductory Carbine Course (1 Day)
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1 Day Introductory Carbine Course (1 Day)

The introductory carbine course is designed to teach the safe operation of the semi-automatic AR-15 type rifle or carbine, the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and how to engage targets from the prone and standing positions at distances from 10 to 300 yards. Students completing the course will have a thorough understanding of firearms safety, the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and an introduction to the tactical use of the rifle/carbine. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with the carbine.

The following topics will be taught in the course:

• Safety
• Operation of the AR-15 type rifle/carbine
• Sights, zeroing considerations and techniques, external ballistics,
   slings, and equipment placement
• Reloading and malfunctions drills
• Fundamentals of rifle marksmanship
• Shooting positions
• Multiple target engagements
• Training mindset and methodology

Ammo requirements:
400-500 rounds of rifle ammunition per person.

None – this is an introductory course.

Training schedule:
Please arrive by 7:30 am with instruction starting at 8:00 am and ending at 5 pm.

Individual equipment:
• Carbine with 3 magazines
• Knee and elbow pads (optional)
• Weapon cleaning kit (with oil for carbine)
• Rain or inclement weather gear
• Eye and ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)
• Water/Snacks (1 hour lunch break)
• Hat/Gloves (rifles will get hot)
• Sunscreen (water resistant recommended)
• Optical sight for carbine (optional, but highly recommended)
• Belt, LBE or protective vest with associated magazine pouches

Course includes:
8 hours of instruction and a certificate of completion.

Cost:  $175 Tuition Fee-This includes the use of your own weapon, instruction time and certificate.

*Class Valued at

Cost: $425 All-Inclusive Package Price – This includes all of the above and the rental of carbine, magazine pouch, magazines, eye and ear protection, and

*Class & Rental Valued at

* We recommend you wear comfortable shoes, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt
that you don’t mind getting dirty

Utilizing Carolinas First Defense Equipment During Classes

We are able to provide you with a Rifle, Ammo, and Magazines.  The cost of utilizing our Rifle and equipment for the 1 Day Introductory Carbine Course will be an additional $250 and can be included in our All-Inclusive Package price.

Location: Classes are held at our private range in Lawndale, NC

If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at
704-692-4176 or email us at [email protected]

Thank you for visiting our site..."We look forward to training

The cost of the class is $175/person or $425 All-Inclusive Package Price which
includes the following: (materials, certificates, targets, range time, Rifle
rental, magazines, eye and ear protection and 400-500 rounds of required
ammunition.) Class payment is due after your class registration is processed in
order to reserve your spot in the class. We will contact you to discuss our
payment options. If you are unable to attend the class, your payment is
non-refundable, but a customized gift card for the value of your purchase will
be issued to you so that you may take another class when scheduling allows. The
class will begin at 8:00 am SHARP!

**Carolinas First Defense reserves the right to refuse instruction to anyone whom we feel is not qualified to complete this course, anyone who falsifies their registration
information and/or whom we feel may be taking this class for reasons other than
personal protection**

 Course Eligibility

I hereby certify by my signature that I have no criminal convictions that prevent
me from legally possessing, owning or purchasing firearms.

I further certify that I have no official or unofficial history of mental illness
or substance abuse and that I meet the prerequisites listed for the course.

I further certify I have never been affiliated with or belong to any gang or other
illegal organization involved or engaged in any illegal activities. This
includes international or domestic terrorist organizations.

I further certify that my only purpose for seeking the training, which I have
requested Carolinas First Defense to provide me, is so that I may better be
prepared to provide lawful service to my employer or in performing lawful acts
for my own use.

Carolinas First Defense training programs depend upon the careful control of each student’s cooperation regarding safety issues; therefore, I understand that my instruction may be terminated at any time if my conduct is not deemed satisfactory at the sole discretion of the training staff.
That I will abide meticulously by any and all safety procedures required, and that I agree to sign a statement releasing Carolinas First Defense from any injury I may sustain during the program.

**The Class will be held at one of our private Ranges in Lawndale NC

**This is a payment for a class registration, you will not receive anything in the mail**

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